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Alex Melching

What is Office 365

Hands on lab on how to administer Office 365 from a system admin point of view. If you haven’t noticed, Microsoft has been working behind
Blain Barton

Microsoft Azure Resource Manager

Blain will discuss Azure Resource Manager and GIT template from provisioning IT Pro Infrastructures.   Read more about Blain Barton  
Will Murphy

Azure Resource Manager Templates: DSC for the Microsoft Cloud

Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration provides a great system for deploying and managing configuration data on servers in your environment; physical or virtual, on-prem., hosted, or in the cloud.

12 PM – Lunch

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Bayer White

Get On The Bus. Destination Azure

Service Bus provides reliable asynchronous messaging and storage for distributed application architecture. This session will give an overview of both Windows and Azure
Esteban Garcia

ARM yourself for Azure and VSTS automation

Azure is a great platform because teams are able to very quickly create the infrastructure needed to support their applications, whether it’s for development, testing, or production.  As you
Ed Wilson

My 5 Favorite Things about PowerShell 5.0

There is a lot to like about PowerShell 5.0. Lots and lots of stuff. But hidden amongst the much published blockbuster features are some simple things that may be
June Blender

All About Objects

Learn how to managing .NET objects in Windows PowerShell, including getting properties, running methods, including static properties and methods. June Blender

12 PM – Lunch

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Ed Wilson

Unbelievably Easy DSC Using OMS

Both Windows PowerShell 4.0 and 5.0 feature Desired State Configuration as key strategic features. But the barrier to entry is a bit high for the harried network administrator. Wouldn’t
June Blender

A Class of Wine – Hands on Lab

Build a .NET scripted class in Windows PowerShell 5.0. June will lead a hands-on lab where you create a class with properties and methods. Add constructors and an enumerated
Jeff Mitchell

Automate All Things

Discussion on Azure Automation processes focused on environment creation and management. We’ll take a look at Azure Automation with DSC, PowerShell, and OneGet. Jeff Mitchell
Robert Cain

Introducing the SSAS BI Semantic Model, aka Tabular

SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 introduced the BI Semantic Model, also known as the Tabular model. In this session you’ll learn about the newest way to do analytics in
Luis Casillias

Data Smackdown! Elastic Search Vs. Azure

Data Smackdown! ElasticSearch vs Azure  – If you’re looking at moving to the cloud, or just researching ways to improve how you store and get data, this talk is for you!
Keith Seedorf

Introduction to R programming language

Level     Beginner - This will be an introduction to the R programming language. The Session will cover the history, basic structure and syntax of the Language along with a demonstration

12 PM – Lunch

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Robert Cain

Zero to Hero with Powershell & SQL server

There are two kinds of people in the IT world. Those who are using PowerShell, and those that will be. In this session you’ll learn how to become one
Catrine Fredrikson

Tips and Tricks for Successful Email Marketing

What is the first impression you give when they see you in their email inbox? And when they see you there, what do they do?   This powerful seminar takes
Hector Cisneros

Getting a job with social media

This program will help job applicants learn tricks of the trade so they can maximize the use of social media to enhance their chances

12 PM – Lunch

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Hector E. Cisneros

Understanding the SEO Paradigm Shift in Business

This session will cover how SEO and Search Engine Marketing has changed in the last 5 years and what a webmaster has to do to be successful at achieving an
Steve Wheeler

MTA Networking fundamentals

This session is an introduction to the Network Fundamentals MTA exam.  This will break down the Computer Networking parts of the exam and cover what might be covered on
Stephen Hohman

Beyond MDM – Microsoft Enterprise Mobility

By leveraging the cross-platform integrations Microsoft has with Hyper-V, System Center, Azure, and their various server products, you can greatly benefit from increased efficiency

12 PM – Lunch

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Patrick Shine


An introduction to and explanation of how IPv6 works. Patrick Shine

12 PM – Lunch

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IT Compliance and Audit 101

Session Speaker: - Jennifer Allen Session Title: - IT Compliance and Audit 101 Session Abstract: -  Provide an overview of the main IT Compliance standards and focus areas.
Usha Mohan

The IoT explosion – Connected Everything

Wearables, Digital Life and Connected Cars are already a growing part of our life now. Organizations benefit from monitoring things like their manufacturing equipment, fleet, cargo, energy and environmental quality. This session

12 PM – Lunch

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Alex Melching

Office 365 – Hands On Lab

Hands on lab on how to administer Office 365 from a system admin point of view. If you haven’t noticed, Microsoft has been working behind

12 PM – Lunch

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Speakers meet the pros

Adnan Cartwright

Owner - Integrity Solutions Inc

Co-Organizer of IT PRO Camp (more…)

Alex Melching

Sr. Technical Specialist at TechHouse Consulting

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Enthusiast

Angela Mealer


Visionary Entrepreneur (more…)

Bayer White

Co-Founder of Jacksonville's Microsoft Developers User Group (MDUGJax)

.NET Architect and Microsoft Integration, Microsoft MVP

  • Blain Barton

    Microsoft Azure Resource Manager

    Senior Technical Evangelist (more…)

    Camille Wilson is a patent attorney who worked with a team

    Catrine Fredrikson

    CEO of EZ Marketing. Web Designer, Social Media Junkie, Email Marketing Expert

    Authorized Local Expert for ConstantContact

  • Connie Card

    Cyber Security with Optiv

    20 years in Information Technology, Sales and Security

    Dave McKay

    Sr. Datbase Administrator

    Something Interesting about him... (more…)

    David Fekke

    His job is a cool one

    Something Interesting about him... (more…)

    Douglas Figueroa

    IT Faculty @ Kaiser University

    15+ years of experience in the technical, e-learning and business

    Ed Wilson

    Member of the Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) team

    Microsoft Scripting Guy and a well-known scripting expert

    Elizabeth Pampalone

    Queen of Networking

    Founder of 4 Businesses, 10 years experience

  • Ernesto Johnson


    He attends an unusual amount of meet-ups.

  • President of ONETUG (Orlando .NET User Group)

  • Felicia Wright

    Owner of Mygani Studios

    Founder of Mentoring Mamas™ (more…)

    Hector Cisneros

    COO and Social media Director for Working the Web to Win

    Author of two books on Amazon

  • Introduction to Active Directory Domain Services:

    Jeff Mitchell

    Director of IT

    Jeff always puts the customer first.

  • Jeff Truman

    Cloud Administrator

    Something Interesting about him... (more…)

    Jennifer Allen

    Representative for Carbon Black

    About the Speaker - Jennifer Allen is an MBA graduate from the University

    Jonathan Warnken

    System Engineer for Publix Super Markets focusing on SCCM and PowerShell

    SCCM and PowerShell Master

  • Joseph Holbrook


    Subject Matter Expert specializing in Enterprise Storage

  • June Blender

    Technology Evangelist for SAPIEN Technologies

    Windows PowerShell MVP and Honorary Scripting Guy

    Keith Seedorf

    Behavioral Analytics Consultant

    He is listed on as an actor.

    Luis Casillas

    Security Engineer

    Passionate about fast, secure, & modern solutions

  • Matt Smith

    IT Analyst - TekSystems

    IT Contract 7 years (more…)

    Max Trinidad

    Founder of the Florida PowerShell User Group

    (Aka Mr. PowerShell) (more…)

    Patrick Shine

    Lead LAN Administrator

    Nearly two decades of experience

  • Roan Daley

    Technical Solutions Professional

    Something Interesting about him... (more…)

    Robert Cain

    Owner of Arcane Training and Consulting, LLC

    25 years experience in the IT industry

  • Stacie Perron-Smith

    Owner of SPS Coaching LLC

    Executive, Leadership and Professional Development Coaching

  • Stephen Hohman

    Infrastructure Manager

    24 years of Microsoft experience

  • Steve Wheeler

    Supervisor for Tech Support Team

    Supervisor with a division of Harris Computer

  • Susan Schneider

    BI Analyst Reports Developer

    Microsoft Certified (more…)

    Usha Mohan

    Chief Architect with AT&T Global Business

    Chief Architect, Federal Technology Office, AT&T

    Will Murphy

    Systems Engineer

    Builds and develops Azure based application services

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